Purchase a Brick Paver

You can add to the beauty of the landscape of the Critical Care Building and leave a lasting mark on the Cincinnati Children's campus by purchasing an engraved paver. Your paver will commemorate your support while also helping to improve care for the sickest kids we serve.

  • $1,000 - 4" by 8" paver includes three lines of 18 characters max per line

  • $2,500 - 8" by 8" paver includes six lines of 18 characters max per line

Pay with credit card

Make a one-time donation or pledge payments each month for 2 years with a credit card.

Are you an employee? Pay with payroll

Make pledge payments each paycheck for 2 years through payroll deduction.

I want to learn more about purchasing a brick paver

A member of our staff is happy to answer your questions. Please contact us at 513-636-5647 or

Where will my paver be located?

Pavers purchased at this time will be placed in front of the new Emergency Department. Please follow the pink arrow to the pink line below. The pavers will be located along the pink line.